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  • What Gene Causes Alcoholism?

    What Gene Causes Alcoholism?

    Drinking alcohol is a typical pastime for millions of people around the world. Regardless of race, nationality, status in life, or religion, alcohol always finds its way into the lives of people who are not strong enough to fight the disease. And yes, alcoholism is a disease. The term for this alcohol addiction is “alcohol […] More

  • The Common Causes of Alcoholism

    The Common Causes of Alcoholism

    ‘Drunkenness, the ruin of reason, the destruction of strength, premature old age, momentary death’ – Saint Basil No matter where you are from or what your age is, alcoholism is a disease that does not spare anyone! Once you get addicted to spirits, it becomes difficult to come out of the deep hole. The question […] More

  • Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

    Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

    Most people have a query in their mind – Is alcoholism hereditary? To answer this question we first need to understand what alcoholism means. Alcoholism is an addiction to drinking which tends to gradually increase in the long run. Abusive alcoholism leads to alcohol dependence and then it gets very difficult to get out of […] More

  • Is Alcoholism Curable?

    Is Alcoholism Curable?

    Alcohol Use Disease (AUD) or alcoholism is curable just like most of the other diseases. To cure any disease, it is important that you make sure that you have that disease. Just jumping to a conclusion that a loved one is alcoholic can never be good enough. How are you sure that the person is […] More

  • Is Alcoholism a Disease or a Choice?

    Is Alcoholism a Disease or a Choice?

    Also known as alcohol addiction, alcoholism is a disease and not a choice. It is an addiction triggered genetically or by external factors like a person’s gathering. This is a condition where brain counters changes and the person is unable to control his addiction without any professional help. Alcoholism is a brain’s chronic disease that […] More

  • Is Alcohol Addictive?

    Is Alcohol Addictive?

    ‘Alcohol is a perfect solvent. It dissolves marriages, families and career.’ Before someone hands over a bottle of scotch to you and the waiter brings the bar menu to you, think of all the beautiful moments of life. Isn’t love intoxicating? Isn’t it beautiful to be able to live your life and remember all the […] More

  • How to Help an Alcoholic?

    How to Help an Alcoholic?

    Alcoholism is not a choice. It all starts with a harmless drink with friends. We take our first drink due to peer pressure or the attitude of ‘let’s just try it’! There is a belief that alcohol drinking is considered cool and it helps us to forget our grief. The movies and advertisements try to […] More

  • How to Deal with an Alcoholic?

    How to Deal with an Alcoholic?

    How do you define alcohol? ‘Temporary fun with permanent consequences’ That pretty much explains what too much alcohol can do to your body! An alcoholic has many names including drunkard, tippler, juicehead or just an alcohol addict. What is the joy that you get out of drinking several shots? As far as we know, it […] More

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