How to Deal with an Alcoholic?

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How do you define alcohol?

‘Temporary fun with permanent consequences’

That pretty much explains what too much alcohol can do to your body! An alcoholic has many names including drunkard, tippler, juicehead or just an alcohol addict. What is the joy that you get out of drinking several shots? As far as we know, it can damage your liver and even the physical appearance.

Many families are breaking and suffering due to the presence of a dipsomaniac in their home. They just have one question on their mind – How to deal with an alcoholic?

Before we skim through the ways to deal with a drunkard, it is important to understand what alcoholism is.

Defining Alcoholism

Popularly known as alcohol disorder, alcoholism is a condition where the person desires to drink alcoholic drinks every single day. They find excuses to drink alcohol and once they start the session, there is no end to it.

It is basically alcohol dependency or an addiction to alcohol. This refers to an addiction towards alcoholic beverages. If a woman is sitting in a bar with her beloved and enjoying a cocktail, she cannot be referred to as an alcoholic. However, a man finishing a 750 ml bottle in just a night and continuing to do so for several weeks will be referred to as an alcoholic.

Washing down a whole bottle can be lethal for your health. A drunkard will find excuses to drink, but there will be no end to the pegs. It is the inability for them to say NO to a drink.

Consequences of Alcoholism

Drinking too much of alcohol can lead:

  • Illnesses related to alcohol (damaging of liver)
  • Murdering self by drinking too much of alcohol
  • Inability to think straight
  • Vomiting and passing out
  • Causing distress to the family
  • Violent behaviour
  • #nofiltertalks
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness

The list goes on! Drinking too many shots or washing down a bottle of whiskey may seem like a cool thing to do, but it is dangerous and can take your precious life.

How can you deal with an alcoholic?

Alcoholics tend to showcase violent behaviour. They are clearly not in their senses and cannot think straight. They might fall after taking too many drinks, and the family members have to pick them up and ensure that the person is safe.

It gets irksome and hurtful for the family members because nobody is happy with the state of a drunkard.

We find that women complain about the alcoholic husband. It is possible that they come back home and beat/abuse the wife and children. These cases can be reported to the nearest police, but many women make peace with an alcoholic husband.

If you have a drunkard spouse/father/mother/sibling, you can deal with him/her in the following ways:

  • Never protect your partner and make excuses for them. If your partner/sibling/family member misbehaves or passes out in a social setting, do not make excuses like they are too tired or are sleepy. The world is not dumb! They will make fun of the drunkard behind your back. Do not justify and let the alcoholic know that their behaviour is not socially acceptable.
  • Do not pay their expenses. If the drunkard is not earning and pleads to buy him/her a bottle of wine/whiskey/vodka, do not listen to their demands. In case they get caught by the police for drunk driving, you should not pay their fine or expense. Let them face the consequences because they are the ones who are responsible for it.
  • Never keep too many bottles in the home. A drunkard would finish the stock in few days. It is best to NOT drink with this individual because you are promoting alcohol. Let them know that it is unacceptable and you will not participate in the drinking party.
  • If the partner/family member is physically abusing you, do not hide these details from the world. It is a natural instinct to protect your loved ones but domestic violence is not acceptable. Even if they are intoxicated, it does not mean that they should hit or abuse you. Simply file a complaint or seek help from the neighbours
  • There are support groups and self-help organizations that help you to deal with this situation. These groups are meant for giving you proper guidance about the ways to deal with an alcoholic and encourages you to stay strong.
  • Conduct a family meeting. When the alcoholic is in his senses, call the family members and have a candid chat about how it is affecting you and the kids. Some people do a video recording of how a drunk behaves in public. One the person is sober, show it to them how they were acting in public. There will be a feeling of guilt and remorse.
  • Convince the drunkard to go for a treatment. Alcohol withdrawal treatments are there in many rehabilitation centres. It may be difficult to convince the alcohol addict, but tell them that it means a lot to you.
  • If nothing works, you have the option of parting ways. We believe that human beings are not trees. If you are unhappy, you can move. In case nothing works and they continue to mentally and physically torture you, live your life and part ways.

Takeaway Advice

These were the ways to deal with an alcoholic. We sincerely hope that you are not struggling each day. Life is short and you must stand up for your rights! Even if it is a friend, talk to them about their alcohol addiction.

A true friend helps, and an enemy promotes alcoholism. As a friend, extend your support and take them for a treatment. Too much of alcohol in the body can cause dangerous diseases and also leads to death.

If you live with an alcoholic or know about anyone, put an end to it and do not hide their mistakes. You can find many rehab centres around that help with alcohol withdrawal. Take the necessary steps today! recommends Alcohol Free Forever Program to help you quit drinking forever. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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