Is Alcohol Addictive?

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‘Alcohol is a perfect solvent. It dissolves marriages, families and career.’

Before someone hands over a bottle of scotch to you and the waiter brings the bar menu to you, think of all the beautiful moments of life. Isn’t love intoxicating? Isn’t it beautiful to be able to live your life and remember all the positive aspects? By drinking too much alcohol, you are never going to remember because you will not be in your senses.

The use of excess alcohol is known as alcoholism. Drinking tends to weaken the brain activity, hallucination, and tremors. These are some primary effects of alcohol on the human body. The relevant question to ask is – is alcohol addictive? It is clear to say that for some people, the alcohol-intake can become addictive.

Like the other drugs, it has some benefits, but it has more cons that we have discussed ahead. When you continuously use alcohol and crave for it, the condition is known as alcoholism. Alcohol is also considered a drug. Alcoholic drinks include vodka, gin, scotch, brandy, wine, and champagne.

Consumption of rum has become a routine habit of many people in their life. Some people want it just for fun, and others are facing problems like specific syndromes due to high doses. Brandy is used in the winter to bid adieu to the chilly season.


  • Ignoring loved ones
  • Becoming an alcoholic – drinking during day time as well.
  • Loss of senses
  • Emotional issues
  • Less contact with people
  • Violent behavior

These are some basic level symptoms that are easily recognized. Your personal equations with people get disturbed.

There are some serious threats to your body. Let us take a look at the consequences that could put our life to risk.

Failure of the body parts

The use of anything in excess is harmful. The use of surplus alcohol also causes damage to the heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys. It increases the chance for the person to lose vision in the early stages. There is an increased risk of cancer, and other related diseases are common. The temper of addiction can be identified by how much a person consumes, how much early he is more exposed to certain inflectional conditions.

There are several cases where people start to fight after taking a high dosage. A study showed that a primary reason behind the crime rate is an addiction to alcohol because people need money to buy it. So for this purpose, they start to rob people. It shows the intensity of lust for the drug and an adverse impact on the community.

Alcohol use disorder (AUD)

Investigators have proved this disorder in different experiments conducted on humans and animals. According to the world health organization, almost 3 million deaths caused by this AUD around the globe.

It is an addictive condition where the pattern of consumption becomes out of control. Many problems arise by the regular intake of alcohol, which includes financial, emotional, and negative body changes.

Minimal ingestion of alcohol does not cause mental or bodily issues. However, when consumed more than recommended, it eventually develops AUD.


There is an increase in the rate of depressive folks; because people use alcohol for self-cure. It makes them feel good and helps in forgetting all the disruptive thoughts. The use becomes high that their nature becomes additive, which makes them feel relaxed. Also, it causes damage to the body steadily. One of its use is an anti-depressant.

Used for sleeping

A few drinks of wine relax your mind, which helps you to get better sleep. Alcohol is used as an alternative to sleeping pills. People always look for comfort, so they regularly try the things that fulfill their needs like alcohol and ignoring negatives related to it. Furthermore, people also perceive it as a sleeping agent. This thought is a misconception.

Diseases by overdose

The heart pumps blood around the body. It is the central body part of everyone who aspires. The vodka cause cardiomyopathy a state of floppy heart that does not perform the tasks of pumping blood efficiently.

Fatty liver diseases, chronic diseases are all results of a cumulative habit of drinking.


With time, patience with alcohol improves. The user requires more than the suggested amount to achieve aimed results. The attempt to enhance endurance may eventually increase the intake of wine steadily. The alcoholic may not realize that their drinking habit is getting extreme and hence, it increases the risk of poisoning and death. Is it worth the risk?

When has alcohol become more important than life? Depressed people turn to alcohol for comfort and escape. Escapists feel that alcohol transports them to another world. What happens when the consumption of alcohol increases? What happens when your tolerance or capacity of drinking alcohol increases? It is known as the chronic stage.

The chronic stage is the most reactive and damaging phase. In this stage, a person is heavily dependent on various alcoholic drug types. A minor change in drinking habits causes severe adverse effects. The withdrawal becomes difficult and it could lead to death as well.


There is an increase in the number of diseases and a fair amount of alcohol is used in medicines. Alcohol is used as an antibacterial and purifier. A limited amount is added in syrups for patients to recover within a short duration, but certain diseases are life-long. A person becomes dependant on the use of such drugs to cure his disease. A form of alcohol that commonly used in medicine is ethanol.

Note: The use of medicines linked with drugs are only needed to use after doctor prescriptions. The limited usage of these medications is beneficial, but when the allowable amount exceeds, it creates disturbance in the human body.

How to overcome addiction?

A person faces a lot of difficulty after heavy dependence. There are ways by which you can give up a drinking habit. You need to make your mind stronger yourself or with the help of a counselor. The range of people uses it against fighting depression. They become dependent on alcohol, but there are several other ways by which this vastly growing mental illness known as depression can deal.

There are more risks as compared to the benefits. When you give up spending on these expensive drinks, you start to save money that will boost the person to secure the future. A drug that reduces the craving for certain drugs named as Naltrexone can be used to avoid something you want. However, it is advisable to consult with a doctor before the intake of any medicine.

As described before, the drinking habits are not just a waste of money but also cause serious issues in life which is social and personal. Nowadays, a wide variety of these drugs have been introduced in the market, and it is we, who control our minds for not consuming them. So, next time be aware when you think of ordering a drink for yourself.

Addiction to anything is bad! Over consumption of a particular food or drink can be bad. The intoxication and ‘feel good’ feeling will pass. You will wake up with a hangover and it will have negative effects on your body. So, skip drinking alcohol and drink lots of water to stay hydrated. recommends Alcohol Free Forever Program to help you quit drinking forever. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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